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Fresh Food Connect utilizes technology to solve two problems — excess garden produce, and food insecurity. If you have extra produce, you can schedule pickups via the FFC web-app. The FFC team will pick up the produce on bicycles and then distribute it in local neighborhoods facing food insecurity. Enter your zip code below to see if our service is available in your area.

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How does it work?

First, use the field above to check if we service your zip code. If we do, once you give us some information about you and your donation, simply leave out your extra produce each week and we'll come by to collect it!

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Learn more about the process and the people behind Fresh Food Connect.


Why should you sign up?

In the USA, 30-40% of the food supply is wasted. Imagine leaving ¼ of your groceries at the market, don't let your garden be a part of this statistic!

Where is FFC operating?

Don't see your zip code here? Enter it above so we know where to go next, or contact us at info@freshfoodconnect.org to bring FFC to your community.

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